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April Volunteer Opportunities!

April 12, 2022

Junk in the woods
Help us to clean up some wooded areas around campus. There are
culverts, utility poles, bridge planks and other random treasures. We will
remove them and either re-use or recycle them. Each windy day we
also accumulate more litter from trach cans and dumpsters. Its also a
weekly task to track down where the sandbox toys have blown to.

Clean out the chicken coop
On the West side of the river there is an old chicken coop, well house
and lots of old rusty stuff in the tall grass. We would like to repurpose
most of the contents inside the building and recycle the scrap metal
we find. We will load the stuff onto hayracks and bring it back to the
maintenance yard to sort into like groups of other stuff.

Dirt work
We have lots of accumulated dirt and grade work to accomplish
around campus to get water headed away from our buildings. Bring
your own equipment, use one of the tractors or blades that are here, or
we even have a great selection of pointed shovels.

Pool clean up
We are getting ready for the upcoming pool season. Come spend a
day pumping out rainwater from the winter and power washing all the
pool surfaces. Once you get down to the floor drain level there are
many, many buckets of slime to carry out, bring a few friends to help!

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning cleaning
Each month we check each of the mechanical systems around
campus. You can help by changing air filters and cleaning condensers.
There are some air filters that are changed weekly, because of all the
sand, and condensers require a regular wash to keep the cottonwood
fuzz under control.

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