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March Volunteer Opportunities!

April 02, 2022

Mole hills
Mowing season is coming, starting April 1st, 2022. Come out to Camp Mennoscah between now and then and spend some time flattening out all the little piles of dirt created by our creature friends. We will put a drag behind the mower and then you can slowly make laps around the affected areas to make them a little smoother. Less trip hazards and lower maintenance on the mower blades with help us out.

Gutter cleaning
We have several buildings around campus with gutters that full of debris. When you arrive, we will give you a quick training on how to use a step ladder and then you can get to it. We will remove the debris, clean it up and wash out the gutters and downspouts so we are ready for another year, bring your team of gutter cleaning enthusiasts.

Lock lubrication
Of the 237 doors on campus, a bunch of them have key cylinders or pad locks. You can go around with a set of keys and lubricate the inside of the locks to ensure their proper use for the upcoming summer season.

Exhaust hood cleaning
We are ready to degrease and clean the exhaust hoods over the stove and dishwasher in the main camp kitchen. We will take them apart and then clean all the surfaces we can find to make them sparkly new again. If your ambitious we can tackle the insides of the ovens and there are plenty of other hard to reach surface that are due for good cleaning.

Concrete debris cleanup
Around each of the maintenance and machine sheds there are piles of accumulated broken up concrete. Most pieces are softball sized and can be move by hand. They are inconveniently located beneath some very obnoxious trees though. Well get them free and then move them with a machine to their future home of being recycled or providing erosion control.

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