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Volunteer Opportunities!

January 14, 2022

  • Pest Control
    Help us to keep our unwanted bugs and critters under control in and
    around our buildings across campus. Each year four applications are
    made. We spray a perimeter defense around the exterior of the
    buildings, which is 4,386 feet total. Interior spot treatment of another
    1,918 feet. We install 216 sticky traps in the 177 rooms spread out thru 26
    of the buildings on campus. We bait 12 traps in maintenance shed and
    feed the shop kitty to keep the mice out! Each time, it takes 19 hours
    to complete, so bring a couple of friends and get it all done in a day!

  • Watering
    Trees and flowers need water throughout the year to survive! We spend
    about two hours a week watering 66 trees year round. As well as
    several plots of flowers around buildings during the growing season.
    Depending on the weather and our guest schedule, we move hoses
    around to the near hydrant or use a tractor, tank, and pump to apply
    water. Helping with this could save staff time each week!

  • Used Motor Oil
    Check around with your favorite automotive repair center to see if they
    heat their shop with used motor oil. Schedule a time to come out to
    Camp Mennoscah and pick up the 19 five gallon buckets full of oil that
    have accumulated over the years.

  • Mechanical Room Cleaning
    There are 12 mechanical rooms across campus, and they are always
    the last to get cleaned, or never do! Help to sweep up the leaves,
    bugs, and sand from many years so that we can provide a clean safe
    workspace for our maintenance professionals.

  • Land Calculations
    Help us to calculate all the different ways we are enjoying all this space
    at Camp Mennoscah. Our 240 acres is full of prairie, forests, waterways.
    We participate in efforts through our Grassland Conservation Reserve
    Program (CRP) with stands of grass and many species of wildflowers.
    We have roads and trails throughout. We would like to estimate for
    example, how many miles of trails do we have? How many acres of forest
    are there, how many trees might that be? How much grass do we mow?

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