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Current Donor List

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Current 2020 Donor List

updated 09/21/20

Pam and Brent Abrahams       Keith and Stefanie Knopp
Ashleigh Accardi         Ryan and Rachel Koehn
Victoria and Frank Adame     Barb and Richard Koontz
Camille and Russell Adrian     Christina and Lonnie Krehbiel
Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church     James and Julie Krehbiel
Rosalind Andreas       Marilyn Krehbiel  
Janelle Arnett Campbell and Bob Campbell   Travis Krehbiel and Carrie Hochstetler
Pat and Sonny Bainum       David and Heidi Reiger Kreider
Whitney Baker and James Russo     Mark Kreider  
Marylin Balzer         Kroger Community Rewards
Cindy Banman         Marlin and Betta Kym
Keith and Barb Banman       Kathy Landis and Miles Reimer
Sandy and Steve Banman       Jeanette and George Leary
Teri and Jeffrey Banman       Naomi and Kevin Leary
Mike and Rose Marie Barber     Janelle and Denis Levitt
Gail and Chris Barnes       Ray Lewman  
Michelle and Danny Bartel     Beth and Jonas Lichty
Myrna Bartel         Jeanette Lim and Kent Unruh
Olivia Bartel         Amy and Josh Lingenfelser
Shannon Bartel         Paul Linscheid  
Zac Bartel         Christina Litwiller
Beverly Baumgartner and Joel Ewy   Jill and Eric Litwiller
Jeff and Gail Baumgartner     Scott Litwiller  
Cappy Becker and Richard Harris     Leonard Loganbill
Valerie and Steven Belknap     Marcus and Cynthia Loganbill
Bethel College Mennonite Church     Patrick Loganbill  
Jonathan and Jan Bollinger     Anna Lubbers  
Karen and Craig Bontrager     Janet Lubbers  
Hugo and Mary Ann Boschmann     William and Jamie Lulloff
Emily Brandt         Manhattan Mennonite Church
Karina Brandt         Delon and Joretta Martens
Rosella Goering and Raymond Brandt   Janet and Larry McGillivary
Breadbasket         Glenda and Jim Melgren
Bonnie and Wesley Brewer     Steve and Linda Melgren
Pauletta and Stan Brodhagen     Amanda and Joey Menninga
Nicole and David Brokar       Jon and Martha Miller
Kate Brubacher and Grayson Murphy   Marcia and Steve Miller
Erin Brubaker         Nora and Forrest Miller
Buhler Mennonite Church       Rachel Miller  
Bruce and Meribeth Buhr       Galen and Becky Miller
Eric Buller         Mojo's Coffee Bar
Peter Buller         Rhonda Toews and Dave Moore
Tim and Rachel Epp Buller     Berneil and Ted Mueller
Suzy and Brad Burch       Dwight Mueller  
Beth Burns and Everett Bradley     Lindsey Friesen and Stephen Mueting
Pat Cameron and Geneva Hershberger   Laura and Greg Myers
Tami and Randy Carlgren       Hannah Neufeld and Willmar Harder
Annette and Eldon Chlumsky     Kevin Neufeld  
Kim and Debbie Claassen       Kristi Neufeld and Jonathan Slemmer
John and Miriam Claassen       Sherrie and Mike Neufeldt
Stahli and Mike Claassen        Denise and Elton Nickel
Janelle and Stephen Corkill     Eunice and Kenton Nickel
Crust and Crumb Company     Virginia Niehage  
Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc.     Rick and Helen Ortman
Verda and Goeff Deckert       Tanya Ortman and Ky Stoltzfus
Darlene Dick         Jennifer Owens and Joe Howell
Mandy and Ray Dick       Lorraine and Norm Pankratz
Marvin and Ruthann Dirks     Vernon and Janice Pauls
Emilie Doerksen         Carolyn and Donald Penner
Mike and Ann Doerksen       Erica and Darin Penner
Ronda and Max Doman        Kathryn A Penner
Penny and Gus Dorado       Marvin and Ruth Penner
Carol and Donley Duerksen     Virgil Penner  
Chelan and Megan Duerksen     Willis and Ruth Ann Penner
Duane and Janna Duerksen     Dierik and Amanda Perezrosales
Mary and David Duerksen     Beth and Dennis Peters
Norma and Phil Duerksen       Delbert and Janine Peters
Sarita and John K Duerksen     Lillian and Joe Peters
Michael and Kathy Neufeld Dunn     Renae and Jason Peters
Katie and Aaron Dyck       Pleasant Valley Mennonite Church
Eden Mennonite Church       Lois and Ronald Preheim
Karen and Glen Ediger       Michelle and Derrick Ramer
Richard and Virginia Ediger     Carola Ratzlaff  
Lorie and Lynn Eichelberger     Janora and Arlin Ratzlaff
Alden and Laura Entz       Velma Ratzlaff  
Carol and Larry Entz       Carol Reece  
Isaac Entz         Amanda Regehr  
Joan and Alan Entz       Bethany Regehr  
Nancy and Loren Entz       Jared Regehr  
Schyler Entz         Justin and Tiffany Regehr
Dawn and Greg Epp       Laurie and Donovan Regehr
Kent and Lynette Erb       Marie Regehr  
Michelle and Brad Ernt       Addie and Jeff Regier Kauffman
Bernice and John Esau       Andrea and Ben Regier
Kristina Everingham       Eli Regier  
Faith Mennonite Church, Newton     Ella Regier  
Jenny and John Fast       Janet and Dwight Regier
Fidelia E. Plett Charitable Foundation   Sara Regier  
First Mennonite Church,  Beatrice     Gladys Reimer  
First Mennonite Church, Hutchinson   Judy L and Roger Reimer
First Mennonite Church,  McPherson   Lois and Richard Reimer
First Mennonite Church, Newton     Renee Reimer  
First Mennonite Church of Christian, Moundridge Amanda and Clarence Rempel
Sara and Troy Fisher       Erna and Richard Rempel
Sarah and Sid Fleming       Cynthia Rhodes  
Anna Grace Flickinger       Daryl Riesen  
Alison and Gilberto Flores       Elsie Riesen  
Sharleen and Russ Francis     Marian Riley  
LaDeen and Rod Frey       Adam and Jill Robb
Deane Frey         Jim and Beaty Robb
Dorothy and Richard Friesen     Jodie and Jeff Rogers
Joe and Lois Friesen       Michelle and Billy Roman
Merlin and Rita Friesen       Aaron and Rachel Rudeen
Virginia and Robert Friesen     Jim and Margo Rudeen
Christina and Ben Frye       Alli and Ben Kreider
Margo and Tom Gaeddert       Kayla and David Rudy
Lenora Gehring         Salina Mennonite Church
Ruth and Ken Gehring       Ossie Sanchez Crow
Marla and Bret Gillmore       Zandra and Phil Sawatzky
Carol and Randall Goering       Hannah and Mason Scheetz
Dwight and Pat Goering       Christie and Ryan Schmid
Felice and Clyde Goering       Amy and Matt Schmidt
Jay and Linda Goering       Archie and Kristin Schmidt
Kathy and J Randall Goering     Carmen and Darrel Schmidt
Sheryl and Kevin Goering       Cheryl Schmidt  
Waneta and Eugene Goering     Darryl and Stacy Schmidt
Phyllis and Lee Goertzen       Erica Schmidt and Sherri Stapleton
Katherine and Peter Goerzen     Ilene and Hartzel Schmidt
Renetta and Russ Gooden       Jody Schmidt  
Corbin and Tonya Graber       Lynn and Steven Schmidt
Krista and Nathan Graber       Marie and Glen Schmidt
Susan and Tony Graber       Mary and Phil Schmidt
Deb and Robert Grassi       Mike and Jane Schmidt
Scott and Lori Green       Connie Schoenhofer
Frances and John Griffin       Allison Schrag  
Lois Groening         Becky and Jerol Schrag
Jan and Anne Groves       Erica and Justin Schrag
Jim and Marjorie Gundy       Leslie Schrag  
Marlene Habegger       Marcy and Robert Schrag
Beth and Tevita Hafoka       Rashelle and Matthew Schrag
Letha Hamm         Tina and Ben Schrag
Madelynn Hamm       Valerie Schrag  
Renee and Kevin Hamm       Rob and Diana Schunn
Dorothy and Willis Harder       Shalom Mennonite Church
Kirk and Rhonna Hargett       Greg Shelly  
Marge and Ed Harms       Linda Shelly  
Elaine and James Harms       Linda and Daniel Siemens
Merril Harms         Melissa and Blair Siemens
Marjean Harris         Robin and Kendal Slabach
Malea Hartvickson and Ryan Bryant   Ann and Randy Smith
Robyn Hartvickson and Ethan Harris   Carrie and Mark Smith
Melanie and Chuck Haspels     Nate Smucker and Greta Hiebert
Hesston Bakery and Cafe       Tara and Aric Souder
Hesston Mennonite Church     Southern Hills Mennonite Church
Arlene and Alvin Hett       Keith and Aldine Sprunger
Christa and Monte Hiebert     George Steckly  
Darrin and Karen Hiebert       Brian and Nancy Stucky
Alison and Harvey Hiebert     Josh and Tricia Stucky
Sara and Brad Hiebert       Marjorie Stucky  
Melissa Hodgson         Mary Kathryn Stucky
Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church     Sara Stucky  
Robbyn and Kent Hohensee     Steve and Jeanette Stucky
Angela and Troy Holdeman     Laura and Ray Sullivan
Hope Mennonite Church       Bonnie Swenson  
Jennifer and John Horn       Tabor Mennonite Church
Jo and Will Horn         Melinda and Max Taylor
Bernice and Dewey Hostetler     Angie and Tyson Teeter
Spike and Gloria Hostetler     Carol and Larry Temple
Aaron Howard         Taryn Temple  
Janelle Hunsberger       Harold and Esther Thieszen
Inman Mennonite Church       Ruth and Joel Tieszen
Kari and Scott Janssen       Gracia and Greg Tipton
Allen and Joni Jantz       Jerry and Leann Toews
Jill and Ashton Jantz       Margaret and Fritz Toews
Jon and Sue Ann Jantz       Brenda and Claude Turner
Kyla Jantz         Deanna and Mark L Unruh
Vern and Helen Jantz       Heidi and Jim Unruh
Eric and Joelle Jantzen       Ruth Unruh  
John Jantzen         Kristi and Brandon Unruh
Kristin Jantzen         Lois and Paul Unruh
Mark and Alice Hartman Jantzen     Melissa and Jay Unruh
Ivonne and James Janusz       Michael and Lina Unruh
Norma J Johnson       Sarahanne and Philip Unruh
Sandy and Phil Johnson       Brent and Cora Voran
Mary Ann Jost         Myron and Mildred Voran
Jim Juhnke and Miriam Nofsinger     Anna Voth  
Kauffman Museum       Janet and Orvin Voth
Berni Kaufman         Janice and Delton Voth
Cheri and Larry Kaufman       Mike and Kim Voth
Connie and Mike Kaufman     Peter Voth  
Danae Kaufman         Mary and Fred Wade
Del and Ann Kaufman       Kylie and Jake Weber
Ellen and Will Kaufman       LaDonna and Duane Wedel
Leda Kaufman         West Zion Mennonite Church
Nancy and Kenton Kaufman     Whitestone Mennonite Church
Karie and Fred Keeney       Jonathan and Emily Wiebe
John and Margaret Keiser       Don and Andrew Wiens
Joshua Kennell         Kevin and Marilyn Wilder
Lori and Brian Kennell       Holly and Andrew Williams
Megan and Kellen Kershner     Tammy and Jeff Wintermote
Erika and Matt Kirkland       Ben and Laurel Woodward-Breckbill
Valerie and K John Klaassen     Marcia and Andres Ybarra
Sherie Klassen         Grace and John Yoder
Brett and Cassie Klingenberg     Joseph and Lindsey Miller Young
Carol and Vernon Klingenberg     Marv and Jeannie Zehr
Kara and Derek Klingenberg     Beverly and Joe Zerger
Maynard Knepp and Carol Duerksen   Kristin and Brian Zerger
Carina and Brent Knight       Zion Mennonite Church
Wanda Knight         Joyce and Bill Zuercher

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