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M&M Project Update

Church Events Happening and Fire Keepers Joining

June 02, 2023

As you know, Camp Mennoscah has been graciously offered a gift of $100,000 dollars, the money coming to Camp as a matching gift. In other words, we have been invited to raise money that will be matched, dollar for dollar, when we bring funds in, up to $100,000.

We know you will want to be in on this opportunity to continue our Mission at Camp - to be a place where all can renew themselves, their relationships, and their connection with God through Jesus Christ. Now is the time to join the effort. Here's how that is happening!

M&M Project Fundraising Events

We are planning two major ways for people to give money for the M&M project. First, we’ve asked churches who are supporters of Camp Mennoscah to put together a fundraising event this year that would specifically benefit the M&M Project. 

On Sunday, May 21, the Faith Mennonite Church hosted a potluck with an offering dedicated to Camp Mennoscah's M&M Project. Many in the congregation wore Camp t-shirts and opened their hearts and wallets for the cause, answering the question "How many Fire Starters are we as a congregation?" The answer is yet to come: the church is keeping the account open until the end of the month, allowing all those who desire to contribute to do so. So, in June, we'll let you know how much Faith gave at this event - and to thank them for all that they've contributed to Camp Mennoscah.

Selah’s Song: An original folk musical from Theatre of the Beat, is to be performed at Bethel College Mennonite Church on Friday, June 2, at 6:00 PM. This musical will be hosted by the Newton Mennonite VBS. Admission will be by donation, and the proceeds will go toward the Camp Mennoscah M&M Project.  

Camp will help churches with events by providing help in planning and ideas, helping with advertising and announcements to get the word out, and providing any programing and presentations about camp that a church might desire to have as part of their fundraiser. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Fire Keepers

The M&M Project is also being funded through monthly pledges. We are looking to see 100 “giving units” give $1000 each by the end of 2023.  Giving units, called “Fire Keepers,” can be  churches,  Sunday School classes, families, Youth Groups, Small Groups, Women’s or Men’s Groups, individuals - whoever wants to pledge money to make sure this generous gift is honored by matching the funds.

At this time, there are 20+ Fire Starters who have pledged to or already given $1000. 

Watch this space for more information about the M&M Project, including the amount that has been raised and a list of Fire Keepers!

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