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That's A Wrap - Summer 2019

We had an amazing summer, full of over 600 campers, 200+ staff and volunteers, and a whole lot of verenike casserole. We rounded out summer 2019 with our annual camp sing at Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church in Inman, KS and had our Annual Meeting in late September. 


Camp sing was a hoot, we chose songs this year with our Camp Sing Craziness Bracket on Twitter. If you need a reason to be on Twitter, this is it. Everyone gets a chance to vote on their favorite morning and campfire songs, which are placed in a bracket akin to a basketball March Madness bracket. We end in the sweet sixteen for camp sing choices and ended up singing a good variety of amazing camp songs. As per usual, we put a few hymns in the mix, singing Wonderful grace of Jesus (#150), My life flows on ($580), and Will you let me be your servant (#307). Here are the fun camp songs we sang to round out our summer!

  • Jesus is a Friend
  • Love the Lord Your God
  • One Tin Soldier
  • I'm in Love with the King
  • Alleluia
  • Blindman
  • Sanctuary
  • Lord of the Dance
  • Kumbaya Remix
  • Now Let Us Sing
  • River of Life
  • Zephaniah 3:17
  • I Am the Resurrection
  • I Am a C
  • The Grape Song
  • Weave me the Sunshine
  • Sing Alleluia

The Annual Meeting in September brought us two new board members and a change to our board administrators. Bonnie Swenson, of First Mennonite Chruch in Hutchinson, and Julia Miller, of Whitestone Mennonite Church in Hesston joined the board. Previous board secretary, Jill Litwiller, remained in her position, and Renetta Gooden was named board president, Kenzie Intemann was named board vice-president, and Joan Entz was named board treasurer. We look forward to seeing how God works with these individuals and their co-members throughout this next camp year!



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