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Summer Youth Camp 2021

Still room for campers as of 04/26/21!


Updated 04/26/21

There are still openings for many of the weeks of summer youth camp!  Below is information specific to the 2021 summer youth camps.

Arrival and Testing

For all camps except for First Camp, please arrive between 3:00-4:00pm on Sunday (not before). First Campers will register between 4:30-5:30pm on Thursday.  Please have all camp fees paid before arriving at Camp Mennoscah.  Please limit participation in high-risk activities like large crowds and going mask-less for 2 weeks before coming to camp.  Staying healthy will make a fun camp week for everyone!


When you and your camper arrive at Camp Mennoscah, you will go through the circle drive by the dining hall.  Do not get out of the vehicle.  A staff person will meet you—Hello!—and test your camper(s) while still in the car.  The BinaxNOW COVID-19 test takes 15 minutes and is provided by the KS Dept. of Health and Environment (KDHE).  A video about the test can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baQQfoX-JXo  Start at 1:25 to see the test process.  Parents/Guardians will need to sign a permission form allowing Camp Mennoscah to test their camper(s).  Campers will also be tested mid-week, if a camp lasts longer than 4 days, and individually if any symptoms are present during the week.


Reducing Risks of COVID-19

There will always be a risk of COVID-19, but Camp Mennoscah is taking steps to reduce risks.  Masks will be worn when indoors and outside when staying 6’ distant from others is not possible.  High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected per CDC guidelines.  Activities and meals will be done outside as much as possible for better air circulation.  Campers and counselors will do activities in cohorts/cabin groups.  Group activities may have cabin groups distanced from other groups or all campers distanced from each other. 


Campers will stay in large tents allowing for more ventilation and more space for most weeks.  If cabins are used, they will be at 50% capacity.  Everyone will sleep head-to-toe (not head-to-head) in both cabins and tents to put the most distance between mouths and noses.


Summer-long staff will be fully vaccinated before arriving at camp for orientation.  All weekly staff and those eligible to be vaccinated are encouraged to be fully vaccinated before coming to camp.


Some camp activities increase the risks.  While most campers will come from Kansas, there will be a small number of campers and staff attending from states other than Kansas.  Swimming and river play will be part of the camp week.  Masks will not be required during swimming, river play or other water activities.  Distancing will be adhered to as much as possible for these activities.  Singing will take place with masks and with campers distanced from each other. 


Positive COVID Tests and Quarantine Area

We want to make sure any positive test is correct.  Camp hopes to have a rapid PCR test available to double-check any BinaxNOW antigen positive test.  The PCR rapid test takes 45 minutes.  If this happens on arrival, the parents/guardians may choose to wait for the results of the PCR test or return home with the camper.  If the camper goes home, there is not the option to return to camp that week.


A quarantine area has been created in the Sunflower building for any camper/staff person who shows symptoms of COVID-19 during the camp week.  They will remain in the quarantine area until they have been tested.  A negative test will allow the person to rejoin their cabin group.  A positive test will be checked with the rapid PCR test, if camp has been able to obtain one.  If the PCR test is also positive, parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up their camper immediately.  Close contacts of any camper with a positive test will also have to go home unless vaccinated fully (with no symptoms).  Camp fees will be refunded at a pro-rated amount.  Full fees will be refunded if the camper tests positive upon arrival. 



Please bring at least one mask with at least 2 layers for each day of camp plus extras, labeled with a camper’s names or initials.  Gaiters must be doubled over, if worn.  We suggest bringing extra masks so a clean, dry mask can be used after sweaty, dirty activities.  Camp staff will wash cloth masks as needed.


Further information about what to bring and not to bring can be found in the Camp Information document.  Newer additions to this information include no filming or videoing by campers during the camp week and the recommendation to bring a bag to carry needed items to/from the cabin or tent to the bath house.  Also included are the scriptures for our summer theme, directions, payment policies, and pick-up information.


Dietary Considerations and Medications

If your camper has dietary considerations, we will have you speak with the head cook.  This may be in advance of the camp week or during the testing process upon arrival at camp.


If your camper(s) have medications, those will be collected as you come through the circle drive at arrival.  Please have them ready to give to the nurse or other staff person.  The camp nurse will be available to speak with at that time. 


All medications brought to camp must include the pharmacist’s original label with directions for use. If the camper requires medications which use special devices (such as syringes or electronic meters), please include these items with the medication supply. Over-the-counter medications must be packaged in the original manufacturer’s container which clearly labels the contents.



Campers who need to leave early during a camp week will not be able to return for the remainder of the camp week.  Please plan accordingly.


All First, Junior, and Junior High Camps close at 9:00am on Saturday. PreJunior Camps close at 9:00am on Thursday and Senior High Camp closes at 9:00am on Friday.  Picking up your camper will be similar to dropping them off.  Details may change, but plan on staying in your vehicle and going through the circle drive to pick up your camper.  Staff will be there to help.


Please contact Camp Mennoscah at 620-297-3290 or office@campmennoscah.org with any questions.

Updated 02/17/21

We can't wait to have campers!

This is a pandemic-impacted summer. All aspects of camp from activities to meals to where campers sleep will be affected. We are striving to have the best possible balance of fun and safety! Register online here!

Summer Youth Camps are being planned with the information we currently have. There are things that we do not know as of today
(2/17/2021). The plans we do have may change as governmental guidelines and information are updated. Camp Mennoscah will revisit the decision to have retreats and summer youth camps if a situation arises that is deemed unsafe or government agencies restrict certain activities or group gatherings.

Camper numbers will be very limited! Sign up for the waitlist! As guidance changes or as creative solutions are found, we hope to add more spaces. Open spaces will be filled on a first-come basis.


  • Masks will be worn by all campers and staff in most/many activities. Social distancing is also expected.
  • Campers may do activities in "pods" to minimize the chance of infection.
  • Campers may stay in tents to maximize ventilation and air-flow.
  • Activities often done inside may move outside, as possible. This will include meals.

There may be other changes that are not listed here. We will do our best to keep you informed. Whatever changes there are, we plan on fun!

Please contact Camp Mennoscah with any questions. We will not have all the answers, but we will answer as best we can.

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