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Kitchen and Dining Hall Renovations


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New entrance!

Kitchen and Dining Hall Renovations

Kitchen and Dining Hall Renovations

Join us as we enhance the Camp Mennoscah Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Entrance!  The Camp Mennoscah dining hall and kitchen have always been a place of gathering.  Through these updates, we are seeking to provide space for new meaningful experiences in these areas while also honoring the traditions they have held for many years.

entrance renderingaerial rendering

Camp Mennoscah has completed the kitchen and new entrance phases of this project! The covered entrance and new sidewalk provide a clear point of entry into the building, and we now have a shiny, new, and remodeled main camp kitchen that served over 800 campers and staff (over 13,000 meals) over the course of the summer youth camping season!

We have a vision to renovate the dining hall facility and complete the interior of the new entrance and welcome area and will continue working to achieve this goal. The size of the project has grown as we have finalized the details of the renovation, and our fundraising goal has increased to $735,000. We look forward to realizing this vision for Camp Mennoscah’s primary place of gathering and fellowship!

Help us fill the pitcher and complete the updates to the dining hall by clicking the “Donate” button above!

Project Budget
Project Cost

Total cost-to-date: completed kitchen and new entrance

Finish entrance and welcome area $14,000
Dining Hall updates $178,000
New tables and chairs $15,000
22% Contingency (or remaining work) $31,000
TOTAL $735,000

Floor Plan

Kitchen and Entrance

  • Construction of new addition to existing kitchen space - completed
  • Interior remodel of entire kitchen space - completed
  • New equipment (stoves, ovens, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, etc.) - completed
  • Construction of new covered entrance - completed
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning completed

Dining Hall

  • Construction of new welcome area - in progress
  • Join north breezeway and dining hall
  • Install insulation, sound dampening material, and additional lighting
  • Replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows
  • Install HVAC ducts and equipment
  • Smooth and polish concrete floor
  • New tables and chair for dining hall

How you can be involved!

  • Donate to help us reach our funding goal by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of this page.
  • Volunteer your time in specific areas during the project. Contact Camp Mennoscah for details.
  • Share about the project with family and friends!
  • Pray that God will be present throughout this project and will bless Camp Mennoscah’s ministry through it.

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